Friday, July 20, 2012

Take Over

They had worked towards this point  for eons and now finally it was coming to fruition.
Almost a millennium ago, they had almost been wiped out by  their cousins,all but a few scattered groups had survived.Throughout the centuries since,they had slowly infiltrated and worked their way into positions of power.
They  had a gift  for invention that enabled them to invent technology that benefited society,unknown to the others some of their greatest and most famous people were actually not their people at all.
With the rise of the computer age and the internet,they finally had the very means to regain their former position as rightful heirs to the planet.
Troy looked over at Danica,as she sat at the computer,all the connections were up and everyone was waiting for him to start the  process.
He said 'begin the takeover." Danica`s fingers rapidly typed in the code words and  then pressed one last button.
Pete Morgan was just setting up his video conference with a friend in Rio,when his screen flickered and then in black letters said ` We,the Neanderthals have taken control!`