Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Malunnguy Fail

One of my favourite Filipino dishes is  mongo beans and malunguy leaves cooked with either pork or beef bits .The leaves  contain plenty of vitamins and are a good source of fibre,one time my wife asked me to pick some from the top of a tree close to where we lived,alongside the road.
At that time  i weighed a bit more than i do now and  i was not aware how soft Malunguy wood is and climbed the tree to pick the best leaves high up,but the branch that i was standing on suddenly gave way and i fell to the  ground ,landing upside down  and much to my wife,s amusement stayed upside down for about a minute  as a bus load of passengers gawked at me and my wife having hysterics!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things i love about the Philippines

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 Have to say that despite all the problems we have experienced since we moved out here in 1987,i would never go back to the UK and at my age(57)it would not be practical even if i wanted to.,besides i could never take the cold now. Am now completely and irreversibly acclimatized to life out here!LOL:-)).
Last time i was back in England was in1992 and was appalled at how pale and unhealthy everyone looked! Like they had given to much blood to the Red Cross, or perhaps they met this lady!
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Corruption be my name

Corruption be my name.                                                                                            
 Its  no good Aquino going after Arroyo, If he does not overhaul the whole system of government and the police force from top to bottom.corruption is built into the very fabric of government here
One high profile case even if it is accomplished does not make up for more than a half century of systematic plundering of the countries wealth.The shameful fact is that the Filipino people are too easily swayed into voting in power people who  are just popular  personalities.When Mrs Marcos and her family still have an influence on some parts of the country and a convicted ex-president like Joseph Estrada wanders around giving unhelpful advice ,what hope is there for any real change.