Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cotopaxi`s thoughts on God

If you ask someone what is meant by God,what was the response?
in point of fact ,most people have wildly different ideas on exactly what God means
My own view of God is the same as Albert Einstein`s, 
that is God is the sum total of all physical laws that govern the universe

The Christian view of God,is subtly different depending on the denomination.
personally i think that if a biblical God exists at all,
then he is both a minor league God and very fallible,
not to mention a dictatorial one with homicidal tendencies
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Cotopaxi` thoughts on the meaning of life.

The meaning of life.

i always thought that question was a bit of an ego trip,
Who says that life has to have a meaning?
if you ask a baby to answer that ,all you will get is a gurgle

if you want to live a life that has purpose and meaning,
the answer is inside you,Each one of us has a talent of some sort
The  trick is finding  something that will hold your interest for all of your life
For my own part  my life purpose is in the quest for knowledge.
which i pursue whilst sitting under a tree and sipping a tequila
with my good friend Helena.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3D art

In what could be described as the ultimate memento mori – a genre of art that reminds us of our own mortality – Dutch sculpture Caspar Berger has reproduced an exact copy of his own skeleton. He underwent a CT scan, which provided detailed anatomical data, which was then output on a 3D printer.
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